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This VIP day is for established coaches and course creators who have a podcast and are ready to have it SEO optimized into blog posts. Get ready to generate leads on autopilot for years to come and show up on Page 1 of Google.



6 figure businesses show up in Google search.

Are you ready to be the next one?


Wave goodbye to...


👋Feeling like you don't know how to find the time to repurpose your podcast episodes into blog posts

✌️Being worried that you cannot write a good blog post and optimize it correctly

🙅‍♀️Feeling like reaching page 1 of Google is not possible for your business

👎Having no idea which episodes could do well as a blog post

Sounds like you need my VIP framework


Firstly I pick the podcast episodes to repurpose for your VIP day and start finding high-quality and easy-to-rank keywords, so your new blog posts can show up in front of your ideal clients and customers 24/7 by reaching page 1 of Google.


Next, I deep dive and completely repurpose your most valuable podcast episodes into 4x 2000-word optimized blog posts, so all you (or your team) has to do is copy, paste and publish.


Finally, I work on creating a complete website framework, blog content framework, SEO plan of action and a customized SOP, so you can walk away with a complete 6-month gameplan that guides you on exactly how to plan, manage and scale your blog content for months to come.

You get everything you need to rank on page 1 of Google with this VIP day...


  • 4x 2000-word SEO-optimized blog posts repurposed straight from your podcast (including headlines, sub-headings, internal & external link suggestions, keywords and meta description) so that all you (or your team) have to do is copy, paste and publish.
  • A website & blog content framework, so you know exactly which strategy your blog should be following for maximum results for months to come.
  • SEO plan of action outlining a suggested 3-month content gameplan according to your business, so you can save the SEO headache and know what to do next.
  • Video walkthrough on how to plug-and-play the blog posts into your website platform, you can publish the content and get eyeballs on your website ASAP.
  • SOP template with blog post checklist, workflow and quarterly maintenance tasks that you can insert into your own project management system so you and your team know exactly how to manage your blog marketing strategy after our VIP day.
  • The full VIP Blog Traffic Machine course that provides you and your team with a simple 4-step framework to help you create, SEO optimize and structure your blog content so that you can rank on Page 1 of Google again and again. Worth $1000.
  • 7 days of follow-up Slack Support so you and your team can get your burning questions answered after our VIP day.




Hey I'm Anita!

I bring 7-figure traffic to my website by showing up on page 1 of Google. 

Once I figured out how SEO actually works and how to set up a solid framework while honing in on my authority, I started seeing my pageviews climb and my articles rank on page 1 of Google FASTER THAN EVER.

I found that to build my blog like a traffic machine, there are certain elements I have to have that would greatly increase or decrease the outcome I was looking for.

I implemented my 4-step framework that made my blog articles rank on page 1 AND the crazy thing was that I was doing less but getting more eyeballs to my website 👀

As well as running my own blog for the last 10 years, I now also help coaches, course creators and service providers rank on Google in front of their ideal clients every day.

I'm helping them spend less time finding their next lead, making their podcast content work harder for them, not having to rely on showing up on socials to sell and finally feeling confident in writing blog content that converts and shows up on Google.

This is why I’m so passionate about blog SEO marketing. Automated lead generation? Yes, please!





As seen on...

"6 weeks later with 4 articles sitting on the first page of Google!"

"After the first two weeks, I realized what I was doing was completely wrong. The SEO was not correct, my blog layout was very much not optimized and I knew this could only do me some good."


Companies who actively blog ended up with almost 7 times more traffic to their website

Every day you don’t have blog content on your website, you miss out on consistent traffic which then turns into paying customers and clients.


SEO Strategists


❌ SEO strategy that could be quite complicated to implement and time-consuming

❌ Won't go into blog strategy so you only get 1 piece of the pie

❌ Could take weeks to complete

Blog that leads

👑 1 payment of $3500

  • Get both blog and SEO strategy
  • 4x 2000-word optimized blog posts
  • Simple & clear SEO plan of action
  • SOP template for your team
  • Blog Traffic Machine course
  • Video walkthrough on how to plug-and-play the blog posts into your website platform.
  • 7 days of follow-up Slack Support 
  • All done in ONE day

Blog Coaching

$500-$2000 p/ month

❌ Can take 3-6 months to have a framework, blog briefs & SEO done & sorted (+ some blog coaches don't delve into SEO also)

❌ Still have to do everything yourself 

I know you've been putting off repurposing your podcast episodes due to a lack of time, and you really needed a blog, like yesterday...

Imagine having 1 month's worth of SEO-optimized blog content that you can copy and paste on your website DONE IN JUST 1 DAY.


The Blog That Leads VIP day is perfect for you if...

You’re a busy coach or course creator and you want to grow your brand awareness, website traffic and income by appearing on page 1 of Google.


🎯 You want to reach your target audience who are Googling your solutions right now.

✏️ You want to kickstart your blog ASAP so it doesn't feel so overwhelming

⏰ You want to spend less time finding your next lead

📋 You want a clear, structured plan of action so you know exactly which content will convert and how.

📧 You want to make your podcast work harder for you, and become visible 24/7 with ease.

👩🏼‍💻 You don’t want to have to be glued to your computer or phone to get your next sale.

♻️ You want to expand your marketing efforts and create an evergreen content strategy that works on autopilot.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with Blog That Leads:

  • Your content will reach page 1 of Google in front of your dream clients and customers.
  • You’ll get more consistent website traffic month after month.
  • You’ll know exactly what content to publish for the most eyeballs on your products and services.
  • You’ll get more podcast downloads from people who have never discovered you before.
  • You’ll wow your audience with amazing content that showcases your expertise so they will be begging to work with you. 

Do your clients use Google?

I can bet that your ideal clients use Google every day searching for solutions that YOU provide!

--> Blog content is a surefire way to get in front of clients that are already problem aware and are looking for a solution.

You already have valuable podcast content you can repurpose, no need to write from scratch!


Here’s how your 

VIP day



Firstly, you’ll fill out the application form below to ensure that your business is ready for Blog That Leads. Spots are extremely limited. 


If we’re a good fit, you’ll receive a link to book your VIP day along with an invoice and contract to lock things in. Before our VIP day, you will fill in some pre-work so I have everything I need to create 4 pieces of optimized content for you.


I will spend 8 hours doing the work. At the end of the day (5 pm GMT/1 pm EST), you will receive an email with access to a folder with your framework, blog posts and assets to help you or your team implement the work, along with a recording on how to implement everything I’ve worked on. You'll also get lifetime access to my course Blog Traffic Machine that's filled with extra trainings that you can use after our VIP day.

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If you want to get MORE dream clients to your website, by reaching page 1 of Google, then apply for Blog That Leads NOW.