Evergreen Content Ecosystem 

Get 16 pieces of done-for-you content briefs focused around one of your offers, done in just ONE day.

On this VIP day, I'll create SEO-informed content outlines for you, that will attract dream clients who are searching on Google for problems you solve or results you help them create, so that they click through to your website, learn about your offer in the blog post and click to buy (or apply) to your offer.  



Add at least $1000 to your monthly revenue by having right-fit recurring leads coming to your website every single month because you’re ranking on Google.


This VIP day is for you if...

✅ You’re a coach, course creator or service provider and have a validated offer (meaning you’ve sold your offer to more than 5 people)

You want to drive conversions to your offers without having to show up on social media

✅ You have an offer that you want to sell on Evergreen all year round

✅ You want to get your offer content ecosystem up and running as soon as possible so that you don’t have to rely on launches to bring in big cash months

You want to be certain that your pieces of content are properly optimized and created for conversions into your offers

You know how powerful blogging can be and don't have the time or brain space to figure out yet another content strategy

👉 This is exactly why my DFY Blog VIP Day comes to save the day!

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Evergreen Content Ecosystem - VIP day 💰

A done-for-you service where you’ll receive an evergreen content ecosystem that drives sales to your offers all year round on evergreen and warm leads to your funnel and launches without paid ads or Instagram.


Blog content is the only true evergreen content because when you optimize your content to rank on the first page of Google, your content will always get in front of people searching for problems you help solve...

This means that you'll have people clicking every single month,

👏 Even if you're not publishing new content

👏 Even if you’re not posting on social media 

👏 Even if you’re not promoting the content you've published in the past

Google is doing the work for you.

You’ll enjoy more easy sales to your offers, client enquiries to your services and more messages that say “OMG, I need to work with you ASAP” by dream clients every week.

You’ll be able to feel confident that your blog content drives conversions on Evergreen, without you even having to think thoughts like;

💬 “What content do I need to write”

💬 “Which specific content pieces and topics are going to attract my dream clients”

💬 “How can I get more eyeballs to my offers using my blog content”



What's included

4 Months' Worth of Content Briefs

We will create 16 blog post briefs that will sell ONE of your offers in your offer suite on autopilot all year round without you having to lift a finger.

These content pieces will help replace your quarterly launches, double your launch conversions or simply boost sales of your offers when you’re not launching (especially during the summer months!)

Each brief is going to come with the details you need to optimize your post as best as you can for search engine optimization and for sales.  

Click here to see an example blog post brief!

Each blog post brief includes; 

  • Finalized plug-and-play blog title that will spark maximum traffic
  • Main SEO keyword so you can get found on Google by new dream clients every month
  • 5-7 secondary SEO keywords so that you can become 5x more visible on Google 
  • Completed meta description that you simply copy and paste so that your blog post is optimized 100% for the Google gods
  • Suggested blog outline with recommended sections so you’re never confused about how to layout every blog post.
  • Customized writing prompts for every section outlined with clear directions on what to write and share in every part of the blog post so that you never have to look at a blank page and think “What do I need to share here?”

I’ll provide you with a training on exactly how to implement the SEO details (main keyword, secondary keywords and meta description) that you need so you don't have to think about anything or worry about learning SEO. 

I will give you and your team clear direction on how to use this, how to build it out on your blog hosting platform and the finishing touches to make every blog post stand out and build trust with your dream clients.

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60-minute 1:1 call 

After your VIP day is complete and your deliverables are sent, you’ll have as much time as you need to look over the briefs and training that have been created for you. 

Then when you’re ready you’ll book your 1-1 call with me so you can get further support and be more confident about your next steps - Filling in the sections and publishing the blog posts!

During this call, support can look like;

  • Problem-solving live on any and all road bumps that you’re having from implementing these briefs and making this strategy a huge success. 
  • Answer any burning questions you have about strategy, writing or tech
  • Explore further strategies to maximize the visibility of these blog posts from the likes of Pinterest, social media, your email list, podcast or youtube channel!

You’ll walk away from this call with confidence knowing exactly the next steps you need to take to publish these pieces successfully and to keep seeing results by building a library of content that drives conversions all year round.


Get every Blog Post reviewed

To help you take action and see even higher converting results, you’ll be able to submit your final blog posts for review so that you can be 1000% sure that;

  • You’ve implemented the SEO details correctly so that you can rank on Google
  • Your blog copy is clear to read and you’ve followed the prompts correctly so that you can make sure every blog will spark conversions
  • You have formatted your blog correctly so it’s easy to consume and high-converting

These blog posts reviews will also hold you accountable. 30 days after your VIP day, we’ll send you a form where you can drop your first 4 blog posts to have reviewed. 

Then every 30 days after that, we’ll continue this process until all 16 blog posts have been reviewed by an expert.

This will help you take action and get your newly written blog posts on your website, in front of your dream clients who are searching for you on Google, as fast as possible.



We had our highest converting launch, because of our evergreen content eco-system


Our evergreen content ecosystem helps us have our highest converting launches because our content helps build trust, answer questions & objections and convert new customers with ease.


Here are some incredible results that our blog content helped us create from our last launch;

  • On average people visited 2-3 blog posts during our launch period
  • 50% of people who purchased our course 'Blog Traffic Machine', visited our blog and read at least one blog post
  • That tells us that our blog content was the catalyst for 50% of our purchases 
  • We had a 9.09% conversion rate of our blog content over our 5-day launch period


Blog content helps you have higher advertising launches and more evergreen sales throughout the year.

Here's what to expect


You’ll fill out a quick form so that we can make sure for certain you're the perfect fit for this VIP day. Spots are extremely limited. 


Within 48 hours we’ll email you with a link to finalize your VIP day so that we can get you into the calendar as quickly as possible and we can start to work on your high-converting content briefs


By the end of your VIP day, we will deliver your content briefs, and a link to book your 60-minute call. We can complete this call anytime within 30-days after your VIP day is completed.


Then after 30 days, we’ll send you a link to our feedback form where you can drop your first 4 blog posts to be reviewed by me!

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Only $2000 one-time

or 2 payments of $1100

*If you decide to do the payment plan, both payments need to be completed before the VIP day is started.

Take the blog strategy and SEO completely off your plate and let an expert completely outline 4 months' worth of content for you so that you can stay in your zone of genius and know for certain that the content you’re going to be publishing will make conversions.




Hey, I'm your ✨new✨ lead gen & evergreen content strategist, Anita


I'm an acclaimed travel blogger who has written for Lonely Planet, collaborated with the biggest brands and been flown (and paid!) around the world to beautiful destinations just to experience them and write about 😲 #dreamjob

I use evergreen content strategies to bring automated traffic, leads and sales into my podcast, courses and launches.

Since 2019 I've been helping coaches, course creators and service providers skyrocket their reach and visibility, drive thousands of new eyeballs to your website, automate lead generation and bring passive sales by creating optimized evergreen content.

I know for a fact that you can grow a wildly successful business and fulfilling life, not glued to your laptop. I live what I preach!

You created a business for more time freedom, but you're out here wondering "Where is my free time?!" 

I'm here to show you the 4-step framework that gets your content ranking on page 1 of Google and the crazy part... you'll be doing less but getting more eyeballs to your podcast, YouTube videos, funnels, courses and VIP days 👀

I'll help you spend less time finding your next lead, make your podcast content work harder for you, stop relying on IG to sell and feel good about taking afternoons off without guilt that you haven't done any marketing today.


Drive perfect leads and sales to your offers on autopilot