The Blog Machine


A 90-day course to teach bloggers how to finally structure their blogs for long-term sustainable growth, so it runs like a well-oiled machine that continues to run on autopilot.

To all of the frustrated bloggers who have spent months googling and taken all of the courses out there, but still haven’t seen any growth or improvement on their blog…

How much longer will you be able to keep struggling and seeing no results on your blog?



You are overwhelmed and feel like you have hit a wall. You’ve been trying to keep up with writing, posting on social media and putting yourself out there but you’re on the brink of blogger burnout.


And you begin to realise that you don't have a structure or system to your blog at all and are doing everything in the moment.


You’re showing up everyday but still haven’t been able to reach your first 10,000 pageviews.


So you do Google search after Google search, only to still ask yourself why is my blog not working like everyone else's?


You sign up to a course with a newfound optimism but sadly it teaches you everything you already know how to do and you still feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle.


You try again, and again, but fail to keep consistent because you have this sense of hopelessness, and you start to second-guess if you can really accomplish being a blogger.


You’re disheartened and disappointed that you are on the edge of giving up, and feel desperate because you really want to make it work and accomplish this dream that you have had for years now...



It’s time for you to finally put the puzzle pieces together and start building your blog like a machine without all of the hours of overtime.


Ending all the quick fixes which send you into a state of overwhelm and blogging courses that just tell you to ‘just write good content’.

The good news is that you’re closer than ever to turning your unorganised and malfunctioning blog into the well-oiled sustainable blog machine that you thought was never possible.


The program for bloggers who want to learn how to finally structure their blogs for long-term sustainable growth, so it runs like a well-oiled machine that continues to grow on autopilot.

These are motivated and hardworking bloggers just like you who have found their niche ranked on page 1 of Google, got their first paying job and deserve to see the results they really want.


Anita was such a supportive and attentive coach. I felt that I learnt so much more having her there when I needed her to help me or answer any questions.

Her positivity and kindness definitely made me feel at ease throughout the entire course.


-Jasmine from Kiwitalkstravel



I loved the community and the lessons. They were simple and well explained.

Plus I loved the support! Having a coach was the best experience. The lesson alone would not give me the same motivation nor push to have things done. Knowing that I will meet up with you made me do more.

Accountability is key!


-Raina from funmoneytravel.com



Be able to see traction that you want to see and not have to wait months and months to get there.


Stop wondering if it will work, and execute with certainty.


Know how to make your first $5000 without having to wait a year or 10k+ page views to make it happen.


Know the exact actions to take that will result in your pageviews growing month after month.


Finally understand SEO and know exactly how to implement it within your blog 


Know exactly how to attract and pitch to your dream brands from all around the globe.


Know how to use Pinterest to drive endless traffic to your blog.




After the first two weeks, we realized what we were doing was completely wrong.  The SEO was not correct, our layout was very much not optimized and we knew this could only do us some good. 

Here we are, 6 weeks later with 4 articles currently sitting on the first page of google.

-Maria and Ciaran

I love Anita's approach to coaching, she is all about taking action and seeing results! 

Before taking part in the program I really struggled to develop a niche that was relevant to myself and my audience. She has helped me niche down and find ways of targeting my desired audience.

-Emma Knapp

Let me tell you something...You’re NOT alone


Lots of bloggers struggle with growing a blog. Here are the most common mistakes I see time and time again...


You’re putting out blog posts about what you feel like writing and with no real plan. It feels like you are throwing pasta at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

Mistake #2:

You’re trying to grow multiple social media platforms at once and are getting overwhelmed at the amount of work and time that it takes. You're finding that your getting more visible but it's not resulting to anything.

Mistake #3:

You’re consuming all of the free webinars, signing up to mini-courses, purchasing ebooks and are trying all of the strategies with no results.

Mistake #4:

You’re trying to grow an inspirational blog delving into multiple niches with no real structure or systems, and feel like you’re in a pool with thousands of bloggers trying to paddle upstream.

Mistake #5:

You’re learning SEO and no matter how much your optimizing your blog and blog posts, you’re still not seeing any traffic from Google and are unsure if you are actually doing it correctly.


If you don’t have these fundamental elements on your blog, it’s going to take upwards of 2+ years to gain traction (and most people give up by then!)

Features inside of The Blog Machine

Phase 1 - Laying down your foundation


You start your foundation by working through mindset shifts and blocks that are coming up for you, as well as setting your goals so you can get clear on where you are now and where you want to be. When you set clear and intentional goals your 50% more likely to accomplish them.

You will then learn how to define and refine your niche, determine the branding elements of your brand, so you know exactly what makes you stand out from others in your niche. A strong point of difference will help you gain authority in blogging, which is highly over-saturated.  If you do NOT have a strong foundation, you’re going to have trouble growing your blog.


Phase 2 - Building your blogging framework


You will create your framework, so you know exactly what blog posts you should be writing and publishing on your blog for the fastest results,  steady incline of traffic, and so you know how everything links together.

If you’re putting out blog posts with no real purpose, you’re doing it wrong and missing out on thousands of views. By mapping out your content, getting clear on how your blog posts should be set out, knowing all the must-have pages that your website needs and how to optimize them, we then have a complete framework for your blog!


Phase 3 - Implementing strategy and scaling


You’ll’ learn how to get up a full-proof strategy to your blog that will allow you to be discovered in many different places on the internet and keep you growing week after week. 


You will learn how to do simple SEO, so you can understand exactly how to gain quick authority in Google’s algorithm and gain authority within your niche bringing in hundreds and even thousands of new readers to your site every month! 


You will also set up your Pinterest account and pins, as well as setting up a strong strategy, so you can grow your traffic to your blog almost instantly and on autopilot.


Finally, you’ll learn the one secret to growing a Facebook Group successfully in no matter what niche you are in, as well as the key pillars of content you need to post in all of your social media accounts, in order to grow your community in a way you never thought was possible.



If you’re ready to learn how to set up the structure and systems that your blog needs in order to run like a blog machine and start seeing your monthly pageviews rise month after month, then you’re ready for The Blog Machine.




Hey! I’m your Blog Machine Coach coach, Anita. When I started my journey to become a successful blogger, it took me over 6 years, a mountain of overwhelm and more money than I wish to think about, to be successful.

No matter how many hours I spent reading articles, googling and taking free courses on how to grow my blog, I still wasn’t able to grow my blog enough to make any money or collaborate with brands.


That’s when I decided that something needed to change in order for me to make my dream of having my own travel blogging business a reality.


I started to build my blog again from the ground up, tested a bunch of different strategies over a year, and put everything I had left into making it a blogging growth machine.


Once I figured out that I needed desperately to stand out from the crowd, use my story and hone into my authority I started seeing my pageviews climb to 90,000 hits per month.


I realized that to build my blog like a machine, there are certain elements I have to have that would greatly increase or decrease the outcome I was looking for.

It was when I was able to figure out and implement the core components that made my blog run like a machine, that I was able to see the profit and growth that I wanted. 


I started to clearly see the missing elements to other blogs that I was looking at online so that’s when I decided to help others do the same, so I created The Blog Machine.


So often we are taught to just put out lots of quality content and hope that it sticks when we should be focusing on the very foundation, framework and strategy that that good content sits on. 


Now, I help other bloggers build and grow their blogs, by showing them that they don’t need to just put out lots of good quality content and struggle to achieve a successful blogging business. With a customized foundation, framework and strategy, we can all have the freedom of owning your own successful blogging businesses. 


Having someone to support you and bounce ideas off is huge in this industry.  Anita was available to me and no question was too small or silly. She answered me each and every single time!

She really truly cared about my progress and growth as well as for me as a person. That’s hard to find. I wasn’t just a 'student'.

-Stacey Birch

Before I started the program, I was at a point in my life where I had been telling myself for four years that I was going to be a travel blogger. I kept telling myself, now is not the right time.

Then I met Anita, and she taught me that done is better than perfect. She gave me the confidence to make that leap.

-Charlotte Blackburn

You’re ready to make this change in your blog if:

✓ You are feeling confused and overwhelmed with what you should be doing next in order to grow your fashion, food, mom, travel, book, lifestyle blog.

✓ You are worried you will be waiting a long 2 years, with one Google search after another trying to figure it all out by yourself.

✓ You are spending hours and hours creating good content and releasing it, only to always ask yourself why it is not working.

✓ You are, as a result of not getting traction, starting to second-guess yourself whether you will truly make it as a blogger and can really accomplish this.

✓ If you have put in so much effort, time and work already into your blog, and you want to start to see actual growth.

✓ You’re already spending hours and hours of reading articles and e-books on the new strategies and platforms to use and are feeling overwhelmed.

✓ You’re done feeling overwhelmed and lost, and you know that you’re capable of putting in the work to have a successful  blogging business that works like a machine.






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Anita simplified the whole process, got me on the right path and made me believe I had a shot at this. Her structured approach really cleared the way for me and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff! I now have EVERYTHING I need to create a successful blog.

-Lee Mckenzie

What happens when you enrol in The Blog Machine


You will receive an email with your next steps about the program. You will gain access to the module area right away!


You will gain access to the Facebook group where you will receive direct coaching from Anita throughout your 3 months and connect with other current students and Blog Machine alumni.


You will spend the next 3 months working hard to set your foundation and framework into place as well as learning everything strategy wise (SEO, Pinterest and social media), so you can grow your readership, make money and be seen as an authority right away.


You will walk away from The Blog Machine with a complete framework and personalized strategy, so you can turn your blog into a well oiled machine that turns into the business you have always dreamed of.


The sustainable blogging business you have always wanted is possible with the right support and guidance.


The Blog Machine teaches you not only all about the different nuts, bolts and components to your blog, but also how to structure and set up the systems they need, in order for your blog to run smoothly and like a well-oiled machine machine!

If you are a blogger who is motivated and ready to take messy action


If you want to inspire your audience and make an impact with your blog, and never again have to deal with overwhelm, disappointment and confusion. 


If you’re thinking that you can just throw pasta at the wall and hope one day it will stick, and maybe you will join another time, but the voice in the back of your head is telling you that it’s now or NEVER.


If you have been feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, ready to give up blogging altogether, and are feeling confused as to what you should do next


If you have your sights set on having the freedom of owning your own blogging business and travelling whenever you want, wherever you want while still earning money...

Then you belong inside of The Blog Machine