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Need more eyeballs on your website? Feel like you’re on a content creation hamster wheel? Want your podcast episodes or Youtube content to work harder for you?


🌴It’s time to start attracting high-quality traffic on autopilot with optimized blog content.



But you're holding back because...

  • You don't know how to find the energy and time to write blog posts
  • You lack confidence because you have no idea what to write about
  • You believe SEO is complicated, overwhelming and difficult
  • You think that blogging is reserved for 'good writers'




πŸ‘‰ You're already creating content that can easily be repurposed, no need to write from scratch 

πŸ‘‰ Once you know what to write, you'll be dripping in confidence

πŸ‘‰ SEO can be simple, you've just had bad teachers

πŸ‘‰ Writing is a skill that you can learn, just like riding a bike


Imagine if...

  • You could drive consistent traffic and leads on autopilot every single day.
  • You had a complete blog & SEO framework that's sustainable and gets you in front of high-quality clients
  • You could finally know how to SEO optimize each and every blog post so you can rank on page 1 of Google.
  • You didn't have to put all your trust into rented space (social media), and knew exactly how to grow your website on autopilot organically.

🌴 Imagine if you didn't have to be glued to your computer or phone to get your next client, customer, sale or brand deal?

They found you on Google πŸ‘‰ then dived into your super valuable blog content πŸ‘‰ signed up to your email list πŸ‘‰ subscribed to your podcast πŸ‘‰ invested and became a lifelong customer.


Here's how much website traffic I've brought to my website using SEO-optimized blog content in the last 30 days...


How much longer will you be able to keep struggling with your blog or wishing you had started one years ago? 

Adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic by as much as 434% 🀯 

(Source: TechClient)

Think about what that could do for your business. If experiencing life means more to you than sitting at a desk all day, then you need to start creating & repurposing your content into an evergreen format - a blog. 

It's time to take your content that is a hit or miss on social media and turn it into evergreen content that actually makes an impact for years to come. 

Go from feeling stuck to showing up on page #1 of Google and bringing in consistent traffic while you sip an Aperol spritz on the beaches of Europe.

😞 Because if you don't have traffic, you don't have visibility, customers, sales, clients or leads. 


The simple 4-step framework to help you create, optimize and structure your blog content so that you can bring in consistent traffic to your website on autopilot.

You will create a sustainable long-term strategy that will drive eyeballs to your business so you can make more PASSIVE INCOME, get more HIGH-QUALITY LEADS, make more SALES, sign more CLIENTS, and gain maximum VISIBILITY.


 Here's how we're going to turn your website into a traffic machine in 4 easy steps...



Firstly we're going to map your website framework and create CEO systems, so you can know exactly what and how to track your analytics, and streamline the backend of your blog SEO strategy.



Next, you're going to learn how to use basic SEO to accelerate your traffic while you sleep, so you can step out of hustle mode and move into getting visible while you sleep (or sip a margarita on the French Riviera🍸).



After that, you'll build your complete content framework and workflow so your website can work like its own eco-system that allows you to show up as an authority within your industry (this will also help you show up on Google FASTER!)



Lastly, you'll learn exactly how to create, repurpose and structure blog content so that you can WOW your new leads and convert them into #1 fans, long-time customers and paying clients.


And you'll be able to achieve all of this with me (COACH ANITA πŸ’ƒ) - A leading blogger in the industry with over 10 years of experience.


With Blog Traffic Machine you have me by your side giving you expert feedback and 1-1 audits on your content, framework & strategy.


Maria reached page 1 of Google for a keyword that's searched for 18,000x per month 🀯.


You're going to




Every module comes with a short workbook that you can submit for personal feedback. These checkpoints give you personalized support and feedback on every module's actions so you can make sure you’re on the right track and get that customization you need! 


Once a month you get your burning questions answered live with a personalized answer within our private Facebook group.


You get lifetime access to 4 modules taking you step-by-step through the framework where you'll learn how to set realistic goals & targets, set up a blog framework, do SEO strategy, find content ideas, and finally how to create and structure your blog posts. 


When you join Blog Traffic Machine you get lifetime access to the course and community so you can go through the course multiple times if you need. This also means you will get access to future updates as they come too. 


You get access to all of my done-for-you templates, that will finally allow you to ditch the guessing and instead, fill out the gaps and get results faster!


You get access to the Blog Traffic Machine community, where you will get the support and connect with new and past students who have already seen success in the program, in addition to LIVE Q&A’s, extra trainings and resources.

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The Blog Traffic Machine

The #1 course for online business owners who want to learn how to create, optimize and structure their blog content so that they can bring in consistent traffic to their website on autopilot.

  • 4 action-packed video modules to help you through the framework
  • Done-for-you templates including blog framework, content briefs and more!
  • Support and feedback with our course checkpoints & workbooks
  • Lifetime access to our private community & course
  • Monthly Q&A's to get your most burning questions answered
  • PLUS 3 amazing bonuses worth $300

Get your hands on the exact framework and strategy I use to bring thousands of people to my website every single month, gain visibility & make a passive income.

Just imagine what even 1000 extra eyeballs, looking around your website, could do for your business πŸ‘€.

It's time to stop playing social media bingo and start posting blog posts that are certain to get in front of your dream audience.


Seriously, those days are over!

And exactly who is behind Blog Traffic Machine?

Me! I'm Anita


When I started my journey to become a successful blogger, it took me over 6 years, a mountain of overwhelm and more money than I wish to think about, to be successful.

No matter how many hours I spent reading articles, googling and taking free courses on how to grow my blog, I still wasn’t able to grow my blog enough to make any money or collaborate with brands.

That’s when I decided that something needed to change in order for me to make my dream of having my own travel blogging business a reality.

I started to build my blog again from the ground up, tested a bunch of different strategies over a year, and put everything I had left into making it a blogging growth machine.

Once I figured out that I needed desperately to stand out from the crowd, use my story, set up a solid framework and hone in on my authority I started seeing my pageviews climb to over 90,000 hits per month. In 2022, I typically get anything from 30k to 90k per month depending on the time of year!

I realized that to build my blog like a machine, there are certain elements I have to have that would greatly increase or decrease the outcome I was looking for.

It was when I was able to figure out and implement the core components that made my blog run like a traffic machine, that I was able to see the profit and growth that I wanted.

Not only do I still run my blog which has been running for over 10 years, but I also now help other online business owners grow their blogs, by showing them that they don’t need to just put out lots of good quality content and struggle.

With a customized foundation, framework and strategy, we can all have the freedom that we all desired when we began our businesses.

βœ… To prove my results, take a look behind the scenes at my analytics over a recent 7-day period. 

The results I'm most proud of from the program are my growth on Pinterest and getting my first article appearing on the first page of Google!



Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown


In this module we're going to plan your goals and identify any obstacles, so you can know exactly what steps you need to take to achieve what you desire. We'll map out your KPI's (Key performance indicators) so you'll know exactly what to adjust when the results come rolling in.


Lessons include:

🌴 5 key mindset shifts to need to master

🌴 How to identify & overcome your limiting beliefs

🌴 My biggest hacks to improve productivity by 1000%

🌴 How to measure, track & set your KPI's (Key performance indicators)



In this module, you're going to learn how SEO works and how to apply it to your own website & blog posts so that you can accelerate and gain BIG passive traffic and visibility while you sleep.


Lessons include: 

🌴 Simplified SEO and how to implement it within your website

🌴 How to do keyword research & the #1 tool I recommend

🌴 What are cornerstone pages & why you need them

🌴 How to get backlinks & why they are important 

🌴 The SEO secret that can triple your website traffic 



In this module, you'll build your complete blog framework so your website can work like its own eco-system that allows you to show up as an authority within your niche. You'll learn how to find blog content ideas and the key to picking the best content to write about first for the fastest results.


Lessons include:

🌴 How to pick a niche so you stand out from the crowd

🌴 How to get clear on the ideal audience to target  

🌴 Hobby vs professional blogs - The key differences 

🌴 How to outline & build your blogging tree framework

🌴 5 easy ways to find unlimited blog post ideas

🌴 The 7 blog post types to have on your blog



In this module, you'll learn exactly how to create and structure blog content so that you can WOW your readers and convert them into #1 fans, long-time customers or paying clients. You'll also learn how to repurpose any content you already have, into high-ranking blog posts so you can save time creating content.


Lessons include:

🌴 How to structure your blog posts for maximum conversions + blog post checklist

🌴 How to pick a simple but effective headline for your blog post

🌴 3 ways to overcome writer's block

🌴 How to repurpose the content you already have posted (Social media, youtube, podcast, trainings) into a blog post

If you join BTM now, you'll get access to these bonuses worth $300.

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 --> 17 ways you can monetize from your blog. In this bonus video masterclass, you'll learn the top ways to monetize from your blog so you can make even more income! Worth $100
  • BONUS 2 --> How to use your blog to grow your email list. You'll learn exactly how to use your blog to drive people to your email list and the best conversion hacks. Worth $100
  • BONUS 3 --> How to use Pinterest for even more traffic. After SEO, Pinterest is my 2nd biggest traffic driver. You'll learn the way to use Pinterest to drive even more traffic to your website. Worth $100
"[The Blog Traffic Machine] helped me be more peaceful because I hadn't realized how much producing content for social media had been draining me.

I basically committed to taking both her courses and applied the teachings. It's not been that long, I think it's been one month or a little bit less than one so it's still a bit early, but I can tell you that I have already started seeing an increase in my website traffic, direct and also through Pinterest.

And my email list has also grown significantly, so this is a good start. 

I'm able to target my audience more precisely."


Morgane from - Personal Development Coach & Shaman

The Blog Traffic Machine gets you from A to Z as fast as possible. If you don’t have these fundamental elements on your blog, it’s going to take upwards of 2+ years to gain traction (and most people give up by then!).

🎟 I'm handing you a ticket to fast-track your blog!

Not only will you get instant access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates I throw in!

Strategies change and grow, and so does Blog Traffic Machine. As I am a full-time blogger, I have my finger on the pulse at all times. If my strategy changes or updates, I'll let you know!



The #1 course for online business owners who want to learn how to create, optimize and structure their blog content so that they can bring in consistent traffic to their website on autopilot.




  • 4 action-packed video modules to help you through the framework
  • Done-for-you templates including blog framework, content briefs and more!
  • Support and feedback with our course checkpoints & workbooks
  • Lifetime access to our private community & course
  • Monthly Q&A's to get your most burning questions answered

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Anita simplified the whole process, got me on the right path and made me believe I had a shot at this. Her structured approach really cleared the way for me and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff! I now have EVERYTHING I need to create a successful blog.


I loved the community and the lessons. They were simple and well explained. Plus I loved the support! Having a coach was the best experience. The lesson alone would not give me the same motivation nor push to have things done. Knowing that I will meet up with you made me do more. Accountability is key!


"I love Anita's approach to coaching, she is all about taking action and seeing results! I've found other programs and courses only teach you the information but don't expect any follow-through like Anita. This helped me stay motivated and on track with my goals and learning.


Having someone to support you and bounce ideas off is huge in this industry. 
Anita was available to me and no question was too small or silly. She answered me each and every single time! She really truly cared about my progress and growth as well as for me as a person. That’s hard to find. I wasn’t just a 'student'.


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