a full-time travel blogger of 10 years originally from New Zealand, but now living in the Albanian Riviera.

But I wasn't always full-time, earning a wage and having the time of my life...

I become a travel blogger because I wanted to inspire people with my travels and give useful tips to other solo females.


I desired to also have a business of my own. I really loathed working for other people and having a boss to bow down to, I was always inspired to be my own boss and have the freedom of owning my own business. 

But after struggling for 6 years I hit a wall 


I tried to grow my blog for 6 years while travelling from country to country. I was earning a little money, but not enough at all! I would often forfeit meals just because I couldn't afford to eat. I spent so many hours googling, lurking in blogging Facebook groups and was so confused. What is the secret? Is there some sort of hack or secret society that I don't know about?

I remember this one moment sitting in a cafe in Europe with $20 in my bank account, thinking to myself, if I don't make it now, I'll have to catch the first flight back to New Zealand & that was DEVASTING.


I had hit rock bottom with my blog.

Something had to change.

I started to stop focusing on the aesthetics and got down to the nitty-gritty. I studied the backend of blogs, niches and SEO. I implemented... and then crickets. What now? I was still missing something.

I was being sent on press trips and working with a few brands, but it still wasn't enough. I was not running a sustainable business. I was still not making enough to live. Meanwhile, my peers around me were earning THOUSANDS of dollars per month. Then I moved to Albania and it all changed.



I started writing the sh*t out of Albania.


I listened to what questions were being asked about Albania and I would create blog posts answering the questions. I quickly became an authority and finally stood out from the crowd.

My pageviews + income skyrocketed 📈

I dissected my blog and what was happening and found 3 core components that allowed me to have that growth. I really started to run my blog LIKE A BUSINESS and everything changed.

I reached 90,000 page views per month, earning a passive wage that allowed me to live comfortably and was featured in big online publications, BUT best of all I started to see the results I had always wanted.

I tested my method on a new website...


After 1.5 months of publishing my 2nd website, I ranked on Page 1 on Google for a keyword that searched thousands of times per month. I also started to rank to a multitude of keywords within MONTHS which leads to a steady consistent stream of traffic.



From my blog, I've been able to:


  • Travel the world & get paid for it 
  • Featured in newspapers, magazines & TV 
  • Worked with hundreds of brands 
  • Won best travel blogger in New Zealand by Flight Centre
  • Helped 20+ bloggers from 9 countries in the last 12 months, build their blogs into a BUSINESS


My story made me even more passionate about blogging.


My mission is to help online business owners 

stop the hours of useless Googling and confusion

 and start feeling clear and excited about the growth in their blogs without overwhelming & outdated strategies or burning out.

"I believe you get to make online business easy by using tools like blogging & Pinterest within your toolbox"

I'm all about

Travelling to underrated destinations, mojitos on the beach, petting dogs, helping business owners gain organic and passive leads & income through Pinterest & blogging. 

I'm not about

Working 24/7, making business harder than it needs to be, big gatherings #introvert, and whisky 🤢. 


Here's how I can help

If you're an online business owner and need some help in the blogging and/or Pinterest department, I'm ya girl! 


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