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A lead gen & evergreen content strategist and also travel blogger of 11+ years originally from New Zealand, but now living in the Albanian Riviera.

I have a business because I LOVE the freedom it gives me. I love travelling the world, exploring new destinations and learning about other cultures so being stuck behind my laptop is not something I desire.

I'm all about ease and high ROI, so I don't invest my time into high-energy marketing that brings in low rewards. And that's why...

✔️ LOVE search engine optimization

✔️ LOVE Pinterest

✔️ LOVE podcasting

✔️ LOVE evergreen funnels

✔️ LOVE blog marketing


My motto is 'Business hard but life harder'.


My drive and passion to experience life at 100% and enjoy every single day with as much fun, flexibility and white space, actually came from my own personal experience of losing both my parents and one of my sisters by the time I was 29.

I remember when I was just 19 I tried to run away from the grief and booked a 1-way ticket to London from New Zealand but it didn't work.

I realised no matter how far I travelled loss always followed and that’s when I knew something needed to change.

I knew first-hand how short life is and how it can be taken away from you within a second.

I decided to instead fully embrace life and what’s left of it 100%.


From meeting thousands of people from my travels around the world, of which many were trying to build businesses on the road, I noticed that most of them were stuck in their hotel rooms stressed and not able to fully enjoy the location they were in..


They built a business for more freedom but they were just working in a new country but stuck inside of the same 4 walls.

In 2019 I started to teach business owners evergreen and sustainable lead generation through evergreen content.

This is something I had been doing for years for my own travel blog that allowed me to work with multi-million-dollar brands while experiencing new destinations, tasting food from around the world and learning about many unique cultures from around the world, while my business grew on autopilot and made passive income.

But most importantly, I create businesses where I have the freedom to enjoy every single day.

I want that for you too.

With the strategies I teach and use myself (I practice what I preach!), I've been able to:


  • Travelled to over 50+ countries & get paid for it 
  • Featured in newspapers, magazines & international TV 
  • Worked with hundreds of brands 
  • Won best travel blogger in New Zealand by Flight Centre
  • Helped hundreds of businesses from 20+ countries since 2019, become visible 24/7 and bring in leads, sales and dream partnerships.
  • Written for Lonely Planet, more than once!
  • Drive on average 50k-100k people per month into ONE website alone (with no paid advertising).
  • Published my first book on a country I adore the most - Albania 

I'm your go-to girl for evergreen content, repurposing workflows, amplifying your content and creating systems that allow you to increase your website traffic and monthly income

"I believe you can grow an online business with ease by using my Freedom Framework"

Learn about the framework here
I'm all about

Travelling to underrated destinations, mojitos on the beach, petting dogs, helping business owners gain organic and passive leads & income through Pinterest & blog SEO marketing. 

I'm not about

Working 24/7, making business harder than it needs to be, big gatherings #introvert, and whisky 🤢. 

Here's how I can help 👇

If you want to start incorporating evergreen content, get automated visibility and create a streamlined content repurposing system so they can enjoy more free time while their leads and sales grow in the background, then I'm ya girl! 


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