Passive Profit with Pinterest

👀 Skyrocket your content ROI and consistently be seen in front of new ideal clients, so you can sell your offers on autopilot.

Learn our 4-step "amplify your content" process to help you multiply existing content, get 28x more visibility, and drive consistent dream leads into your funnels & offers on autopilot. 

All in 3 hours or less per month - No FB ads needed

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What if you could double the amount of leads coming into your offers?


And what if you could do it consistently month after month without more hours wasted on Instagram, without dancing for Tik Tok, and without expensive Facebook ads? 👀


You've put in the hours.

✔️You have the lead magnet.

✔️You have the website.

✔️You have either a Podcast, YouTube channel or Blog

✔️ You have the courses or coaching offers. 


The only problem is, you don’t have enough new leads.💰You’re ready to hit your next launch goals and make more evergreen sales.

You need more traffic. But not just any traffic. Traffic filled with your dream clients.

You're stuck on the hamster wheel right now... 

You spend hours on Instagram, creating expiring content in an attempt to entice your ideal clients to sign up for your lead magnet.  

Suddenly you look at Clockify and you've spent upwards of an hour posting on IG stories alone. You get a few people clicking. Awesome!

24 hours later...🪄🧞‍♀️ 

the content is dead and you need more new leads all over again. Ugh 👎

So the cycle continues every day this week and for the months following... 

You have no wiggle room. 

The more time you put into creating new content, the more leads you get...

BUT you have big plans to scale to 6 or 7 figures this year.  

And you can no longer trade time for money.

Therefore your dreams of scaling are crushed if you don't...

a) Hire another team member or;

b) Spend more money on FB ads

...which then eats up your profit faster than a crowd at a buffet. No more garlic bread left for you dammit.

How most people are trying to get leads


👎 Posting once about their new podcast episode on a Monday, only to never promote that same episode again #whatawaste

💸 Upping their daily Facebook budget and digging further into profits

🥱 Having 5 new conversations per day with leads that your VA complied in your lead tracker 


How you could be getting leads instead


✌️ Your new and old podcast episodes, YouTube videos and Blog posts be promoted 24/7 in front of targeted leads who are already problem-aware

💃 Driving dream clients into your lead magnet without you spending a cent on ads or dancing for TikTok

🛥️ Getting Stripe notifications of new sales while you're on a yacht in the Greek Islands 

 ❌ You don’t need more content


Here's what you really need


✅ You need a system to consistently promote all your new and old content (think podcast episodes, YouTube videos and blog posts), and get your lead magnets in front of your dream clients so you can drive more sales into your offers.

🤯 You need to multiply the content you’re already creating so you can fill your funnels and offers with dream leads without hours of work


Your lead-generating, autopilot fairy godmother is… (drumroll please) 

And before you click away because you thought that your clients aren't on Pinterest, let me remind you that you are reading this page because

1) you want more leads and;

2) what you're currently doing is not getting you the results you want

So don’t you think it’s worth reading about how this tool can help you (see case studies below)





You want leads that are not just going to see you, but BUY from you:


💰 They have the money! >> 45% of people in the US with a $100k+ household are on Pinterest

🛍️ They are looking to buy  >> 80% of weekly pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.

🔎 They are qualified leads >> Pinterest is a visual search engine, meaning your content gets in front of peeps who are looking for a solution to their problem




Learn our 4-step "amplify your content" process to help you multiply existing content, get 28x more visibility, and drive consistent dream leads into your funnels & offers on autopilot.

⏰ All in 3 hours or less per month.

👎 No FB ads needed.

👉 Driving thousands of new eyeballs by simply multiplying your content feels like a dream and allows you to take an *actual* 3-week vacation...without needing to show up for the gram.



🔎 High-quality leads are out there

...but you don't have the spare time to just create more so you can reach them. 

We want to make more sales by working smarter, not harder.

Therefore your goal is to MULTIPLY your content in a way that...

1. Gets you in front of your ICA 

 (by using targeted Pinterest keywords)

2. Gets you off the content hamster wheel 

(by having content with no shelflife & that can be posted on autopilot)


3. Leads those eyeballs directly to YOUR content 

(where you control what they see off of social media and make it easy for them to pull out the credit card)

Here's how amplifying your content makes you more sales

Your leads are on Pinterest searching for solutions you provide, like Google

Your content shows in front of them

They click through to your Podcast, Blog, YouTube, Lead Magnets and Sales pages.

...and every pin you create for Pinterest lasts a lifetime, so your content will consistently be seen for years to come.



It's simple maths...


👀...bringing more eyeballs into your world with an automated consistent system = more money + taking actual vacations

Best pinterest course

After 4 days of implementing the Passive Profit with Pinterest strategy, Mel multiplied her content and increased her leads by 42%

 Here's how we're going to multiply your content and drive dream leads in 4 easy steps.

🔎 Step 1

Firstly we're going to discover exactly what your ideal clients are typing into the search bar so you'll know exactly what content of yours to amplify FIRST. This will allow you to get the best results as fast as possible.


🧲 Step 2

Next, you're going to implement the Trifecta Board Method, so you can give your content a home that attracts more clicks and helps organise the content you're publishing. 


🎨 Step 3

After that, you'll learn exactly how to create, repurpose and structure Pinterest content using my proven AA Pin Mastery Formula, so that you can WOW and convert dream leads into your offers every single day.


💰 Step 4

Lastly, you'll learn the 2024 Pinterest strategy that I use to bring 350k people to my blog posts, podcast, lead magnets and offers as well as my Wheel of Lead Conversion, so you'll know how to identify what to tweak for even better results! 


get started now


You're going to




(Worth $1000)

You get instant access to 4 no-fluff video modules that teach you exactly how to use Pinterest to drive more leads into your funnel on autopilot every single week for free.


(Worth $150)

You get access to all of my Pinterest done-for-you templates, worksheets and swipe files that will allow you to ditch the guesswork and instead, implement and see results even faster.

AA Pin Mastery Formula


With the AA Pin Mastery Formula, you gain exclusive access to a powerful tool that frees you from the stress of wondering whether your content will drive conversions. Instead, you can confidently publish every pin, knowing that they will convert leads, every time.



This tool will help you identify any holes in your strategy, and give you a blueprint of what you need to tweak, adjust or create in order to increase lead conversion into your funnel.

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Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown


In this module, you'll optimize your Pinterest profile so that you can show up in front of dream leads from day 1. You'll learn how Pinterest SEO works and how to apply it to everything you do on Pinterest.

Lessons include:

 📌 The OACC method: The Pinterest Traffic Funnel System

📌 How to use SEO to skyrocket your reach and conversions 

📌 4 ways to get discovered on Pinterest 

📌 How to optimize your profile & content & boards

Best pinterest course for bloggers
Best pinterest course


In this module, you're going to implement the Trifecta Board Method, so you can learn how to give your content a home that attracts more funnel clicks and helps organise the content you publish.

Lessons include:

📌 Trifecta Board Method

📌 How to create optimized board descriptions quickly

📌 How to audit and monitor your boards



In this module. you'll learn exactly how to create, repurpose and structure Pinterest content using my proven AA Pin Mastery Formula, so that you can WOW and convert dream leads into your funnel every single day.

Lessons include:

📌 Design Outstanding Pins with the AA Mastery Formula

📌 8 pin creation ideas to convert pinners into customers

📌 Lazy gal content

📌 Explode your results with Trends

📌 Create 6 pieces of content in 10 minutes

📌 Canva Pin Bundle

Best pinterest course
Best pinterest course


In this module, you'll learn the 2023 Pinterest strategy that I use to bring 350k people to my funnels as well as my Wheel of Lead Conversion, so you can get the fastest results on Pinterest AND learn how to identify what to tweak for even better results!

Lessons include:

📌 Creating your Pinterest content schedule

📌 Your winning pinning strategy

📌 How to stay consistent with your Pinterest strategy

📌 How to improve your results with the Conversion Compass

📌 How to track your results + Pinterest Tracker

say no more, I'm in

Morgane increased her traffic from Pinterest by 33%.

By increasing her traffic she got more discovery calls to her coaching business. 

⏰ I know you're going to love these LIMITED-TIME bonuses that I'm throwing in for free if you join today.




This bonus training eliminates the need to create Pinterest content from scratch or stare at your blank laptop screen wondering what the heck you should create next, and instead allows you to save time and create content more consistently. 

 (Worth $200)


Level up and learn how to optimize your blog for Pinterest leads where I teach you how to maximize conversions when the Pinterest traffic starts arriving on your website so you can drive your sales through the roof.

(Worth $200)


How to set up a Pinterest business account in just minutes and start pinning immediately to grow your online presence and increase traffic to your website.

 (Worth $100)



You’ll get my high-converting pin templates that will allow you to grow your funnel leads with little effort & time!

 (Worth $100)


Learn how to hit *schedule* on all your Pinterest content with help from my partner in crime - Tailwind. This will help you learn how to spend the smallest amount of time possible marketing your lead magnet on Pinterest so you can see a high ROI.

 (Worth $200)


I'm taking you backstage and showing you my own Personal Pinterest workflow and organisation system that you can implement within your own systems and processes.

(Worth $200)

⌛️  That's $1000 worth of bonuses you're getting for FREE

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Passive Profit with Pinterest 

Learn our 4-step "amplify your content" process to help you multiply existing content, get 28x more visibility, and drive consistent dream leads into your funnels & offers on autopilot. All in 3 hours or less per month. No FB ads needed.

The total value of PPP with the bonuses is over $2000, but your investment today is only...

📌 Passive Profit with Pinterest 📌

$497 $347

💰 Get INSTANT access



  • 4 action-packed modules with 19+ video lessons 
  • Done-for-you templates, workflows and worksheets 
  • Lifetime access to the course 
  • Access to monthly, quarterly and yearly updates of the course content and strategy.
  • BONUS: How to use AI to create Pinterest content even faster + plug-and-play AI prompts
  • BONUS: Learn how to optimize your website for Pinterest leads
  • BONUS: Canva Pin Template bundle
  • BONUS: The Pinterest Jumpstart Mini-course
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Turbocharge with Tailwind Mini-course
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: BTS of my Pinterest workflow

💰 Bundle with Blogging & SAVE 💰

$1194 $894

💰 Save $300 for a limited-time only

  • Grab both my signature blogging course Blog Traffic Machine AND Passive Profit with Pinterest with this bundle offer!
  • Action-packed modules with video lessons 

  • Done-for-you templates, workflows and worksheets 

  • Lifetime access to both courses and monthly, quarterly and yearly updates of the course content and strategy



I truly believe in the Passive Profit with Pinterest course. But if you’re not 100% satisfied with the course and feel like it's not the right fit for you, within 7 days of purchasing, I will offer you a full refund.

"The pin description and board description templates saved so much time and were laid out really well. 


I have more than doubled my results in the last 6 weeks!"


Karen Cutter - Designer

Students served

Hours saved per year

Pieces of content multiplied

💭 Just imagine for a sec...

You join Passive Profit with Pinterest and this happens..   

You now get automated traffic 24/7, therefore, spending less time looking for your next customer.

You can swiftly take 1 piece of content and multiply it at least 28 times, meaning your content and your offers are visible for longer.

You now spend time creating content that doesn't expire after 3 hours and instead, lasts a lifetime. 

You bring a steady stream of high-quality traffic to the top of your funnel and offers without having to spend a cent on ads.

✋ Now stop imagining and let's make it a reality, just like they did ⬇️

🤯 Last month Morgane got more discovery calls to her coaching business and increased her traffic from Pinterest by 33%

💰 In October, Laura got 3 new referrals for her business.

📈 After 4 days of implementing the Passive profit with Pinterest strategy, Mel increased her traffic from Pinterest by 42%




Seriously, skyrocketing your dream leads to your funnels and offers on autopilot is much easier than you think!
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easy steps and you're in!

step 1

Once you've paid, you'll receive an email right away with your login details.

step 2

You log in and get instant access to ALL the video modules, lessons, templates and swipe files so you can get started TODAY.


"I have paid for and completed many Pinterest courses but yours was the first course where it all made sense.

I planned on completing your course over a 6-week period but binge-watched it over 3 days instead!"

Peta Wenzel

By the way, I'm your ✨new✨ lead gen & evergreen content strategist, Anita

I'm an acclaimed travel blogger who has written for Lonely Planet, collaborated with the biggest brands and been flown (and paid!) around the world to beautiful destinations just to experience them and write about 😲 #dreamjob

I use evergreen content strategies to bring automated traffic, leads and sales into my podcast, courses and launches.


I know for a fact that you can grow and scale a wildly successful business and fulfilling life, not glued to your laptop. I live what I preach!

You created a business for more time freedom, but you're out here wondering "Where is my free time?!"

I'm here to show you the 4-step framework that amplifies your existing content so you can be doing less but getting more eyeballs into your funnels and paid offers  👀

Automate lead gen, make your existing content work harder for you and stop relying on Instagram to sell. 


Best pinterest course

I've brought nearly 350,000 high-quality leads into my funnels & courses with minimal effort.


Think about what adding 350k people to the top of your funnel and in your offers, could do for your business ✌️

❌ I didn't have to show my face on Instagram stories or spend 1 hour creating a carousel to get that dream leads.

✅ I just had to spend 3 hours per month amplifying my existing content. That's it.

Get instant access

My monthly views increased without me doing much except converting my account to Business and create new pins! I also followed lots of tricks from Anita, like auditing and organizing my brand boards. I still have so much to learn about Pinterest and it's actually very exciting!


My favourite part of Passive Profit with Pinterest is the way that you created the course in bite-size easy-to-understand modules.


Writing pin descriptions are so much quicker using your template! Learning how to adjust my pinning strategy based on data is helping me manage my time and get more accomplished.


I loved the quick module format, and felt that the course was organized in a really easy-to-follow way.


In the last 90 days, I've got these results with only 3 HOURS OF WORK PER MONTH  😮 

I've brought nearly 350k high-quality clicks just from Pinterest with minimal effort. 

Think about what 350k eyeballs visiting your website on autopilot, could do for your income and peace ✌️

❌ I didn't have to show my face on Instagram stories or spend 1 hour creating a carousel or reel to get that traffic.

✅ I just had to spend 3 hours per month creating and publishing Pinterest content. That's it.




Anita is not just about selling a course, she is actually invested in giving value to her students and wants us all to be winners!


How much longer are you going to keep running on the same content hamster wheel, trying to get in front of warm leads only to feel time-stressed and unable to scale because you're currently trading time for money? 😤


6 and 7-figure CEOs are not spending their days creating expiring content.


Passive Profit with Pinterest will help you drive dream leads to your funnels and offers on autpilot. 

Let's do this!
Join the course now ➡

🔮 If I'm guessing correctly, you might be thinking...



The name of the course is called Passive Profit with Pinterest for a reason...

It's designed to bring MORE LEADS into your funnel so you can make MORE PROFIT without trading time for money.

Think about how many leads and sales you're missing out on every day by simply not being on Pinterest 😬



If you're lacking time that's the #1 reason you should be using Pinterest. 

I spend less than 3 hours PER MONTH on my Pinterest strategy because it works for me on autopilot.

With Pinterest, I don't trade time for money. It's a search engine, not a social media platform so I don't have to be active on the platform to have better results.  

The total time it takes to go through the whole course = is 4.5 hoursP.S > Watch the video lessons at 2x speed and you'll be done in just over 2 hours!



Let me ask you, is there EVER a ‘right’ time to do anything?

If you are ready to learn how to bring consistent leads into your funnel, then you’re ready for Passive Profit with Pinterest.

If you feel like you're juggling too many things right now, and you have a VA or a team, then empower them to take the course and take action FOR YOU!

Still Got Questions? I Got Answers!


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