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#31: From Grief-Stricken to 7-Figure Blogger: The Story Behind the Business

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing That Leads Podcast! In this unique episode, I delve into the personal story behind my business decisions and why I am so passionate about the topics I teach. Before we dive in, a trigger warning for those dealing with grief, as we'll be discussing loss and its impact on our lives.

Here's a preview of what we cover:

  1. The Spark that Ignited the Passion: Discover the unexpected reason behind my fast decision-making and wholehearted commitment to my endeavours. The source of this drive may surprise you, especially if you're unfamiliar with my story.
  2. From Loss to Life-Altering Inspiration: At a tender age, I experienced the devastating loss of my mother, teaching me the value of time and ignited a fire within me. Learn how this tragedy set me on an extraordinary journey to make every day count.
  3. The Birth of a 7-Figure Travel Blog: Uncover the story behind my successful travel blog that allowed me to explore over 50 countries while getting paid for my adventures. But what fueled this desire to embrace life fully, no matter the location?
  4. Turning Grief into Everlasting Freedom: Discover the pivotal moment when I realized that running away from grief wasn't the solution. Instead, I channelled my emotions into building a business that grants me the freedom to enjoy life on my own terms.
  5. Living Life First, Business Second: Join me as I share my core belief that life should come before business. Learn how my journey through grief has shaped my mission to help entrepreneurs achieve a fulfilling lifestyle by embracing automated lead generation and sustainable marketing strategies.

In this heartfelt episode, I open up about the losses I've faced and how they've shaped my approach to life and business. I implore you to reflect on your purpose, the lifestyle you desire, and whether your current actions align with your dreams. Together, we can find strength in adversity and strive for a life that truly brings fulfilment.