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#44. How Email Marketing made me $70k+

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing That Leads Podcast. Today, I have a juicy episode to share. In 2023, using email marketing in my business helped me earn over $70,000, with more to come in quarter four. I know, email marketing might not sound sexy, but something changed, and I want to spill the beans.

Here's what to expect from this episode:

  • My email marketing journey: From sporadic emails to consistent results.
  • The Million Dollar Email program: How it revolutionized my email strategy.
  • The power of speaking directly to your ideal client in emails.
  • Ditching templates for genuine, effective email communication.
  • Sending more emails and welcoming unsubscribes: Why it matters.

I share these insights not just as a program member but as someone whose business was profoundly impacted. Find the link to the Million Dollar Email program below and let's dive into how email marketing can skyrocket your sales. If you've ever struggled with email content or want to make 2024 your year for email success, don't miss this episode.