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#45. 5 No BS Tangible Tips to Stay Consistent with Pinterest

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing That Leads Podcast. We've all heard the buzz about consistency, but what does it really mean, especially on Pinterest? In today's episode, we’ll break it down. I’m not here to give you generic advice. We're diving deep into tangible, real strategies for maintaining your Pinterest presence.

If you've ever struggled with staying on track with your Pinterest content, listen to this episode where we will cover:

  • How to optimize your Pinterest profile with the right SEO keywords, ensuring you see faster results
  • Why beginning with just one pin per day is the ideal way to build consistency on Pinterest
  • How to take content from other platforms and repurpose it effectively for Pinterest to save time and increase your visibility
  • How to create a workable schedule that separates creation and admin tasks to stay focused and consistent
  • Why you must implement a workflow system within a project management tool to streamline your Pinterest strategy


Get started with these actionable tips to supercharge your Pinterest strategy and maintain consistency! Don't forget to check out "Passive Profit with Pinterest" if you want to learn more about amplifying your content on Pinterest and gaining consistent visibility. It's the course to boost your Pinterest game.


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