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#30: Biggest SEO Mistakes You Could Be Making

Welcome to another episode of the Marketing That Leads Podcast! In this episode, we dive deep into the biggest SEO mistakes that could be hindering your business's visibility and ranking on Google. 

Here's a preview of what we cover:

  1. Focusing only on keywords: Discover why optimizing your entire website framework and taking a holistic approach to SEO is crucial for achieving desired results.
  2. Overreliance on Yoast: Learn why Yoast, a popular SEO plugin, should be used as a guide rather than the sole determinant of your blog post's optimization.
  3. Lack of niche knowledge: Find out why knowing your niche and the topics you specialize in is essential for establishing authority and attracting your ideal audience.
  4. Choosing the wrong SEO tool: Understand the importance of selecting the right SEO tool, like Keysearch, which offers accurate information without overwhelming complexity or high costs.
  5. Avoiding black or gray hat SEO tactics: Learn why using spammy practices can negatively impact your website's trustworthiness and ranking potential, and the significance of learning and implementing SEO correctly.


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