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10 Things a Blogging Coach Can do for Your Business

10 Things a Blogging Coach Can do for Your Business

Does your recent google serach hsitory look something like this?

💬 "What's so special about blog marketing?"

💬 "How to start a coaching blog"

💬 "How the heck do I even get started and how can I get supported?!"

 Blogging as we know it has changed drastically over time and many business owners and bloggers find themselves feeling stuck or confused as to how to start a blog and what direction to take with it.

Having a blog is not just a diary entry anymore, in fact, some of the most successful business owners and coaches in the world, use a blog to attract new leads and sales on autopilot 24/7.

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I have been teaching coaches, course creators and service providers about how to use blog marketing in their business with ease since 2019, and I've also had a separate blogging business for over 12+ years, which means my experience spans multiple years and many changes in the industry. 

If you are looking for a blogging coach, then it is important to find someone who has the skills necessary and can provide guidance on the goals you have and the strategy to achieve them.

There isn't one size fits all when it comes to blog strategy - it should be specifically altered for your ideal clients and business model! 

But let me be clear, the best blogging coaches are not people who do the work for you.

You are responsible for 90% of your results, and I can tell what needs to be done but cannot physically make you do it or take action myself, that's up to each person individually!


Here are 10 ways a blogging coach can help your business


1. A blog coach can help you achieve results 10x faster

A blogging coach can help accelerate your growth and success by guiding how to best leverage the many different opportunities available.

It took me over 5 years of trial-and-error, wasting time with other people’s strategies before I finally started making some serious progress!

I asked my previous clients how long it would have taken them to learn all that they had learned without my help - Blog Traffic Machine. Here’s what they said:



The answer? Over 2 years!

That's not unusual at all. You might have had a blog for a while now but still don't know what you need to focus on in order to grow your blog.

👉 Or you might be in the other bucket where you've been meaning to start creating evergreen content for your website but have no idea where to start.

A blogging coach can give personalized advice about how best to use content marketing strategies that will work for YOUR particular audience so they are more likely successful than those without one


2. Identify critical gaps in your blog strategy

You may not be able to see these flaws in your blogging strategy or framework, however, an outsider will find them easier.

More importantly, they will have a different perspective and ideas on your blog strategy and can help point out what needs changing to propel your results.

Many puzzle pieces need assembling for a blog strategy to work smoothly so make sure everything aligns before taking action otherwise things could get messy fast.

There are many pieces to blog such as;

✅ Creating a high-converting website framework 

✅ Setting up CEO systems and processes 

✅ Knowing how to measure, track & set your KPIs

✅ Know how to apply simplified SEO to every post and page on your website

✅ Knowing how to attract & convert your ICA 

✅ How to build content around your offers, launches and funnels 

✅ How to structure your blog posts for MAX conversions so you can move peeps to your lead magnets, Podcast, YouTube and paid offers.
✅ How to pick a simple but effective headline for your blog post

✅ How to repurpose social media content, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, and video or audio trainings into an effective blog post

🥂 All that's listed and more is what I teach inside of my signature program Blog Traffic Machine, by the way! 

Blog Traffic Machine is my signature 12-month group program for creative coaches

You'll learn how to add at least $1000 of additional monthly recurring revenue to your coaching business by creating evergreen blog content that increases their brand influence, monthly recurring revenue, fun and flexibility

Your blog content is low-lift content that you can create on your worst days but bring recurring sales for years
so you can

✔️ Boost your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

✔️ Always be able to cover your expenses with your blog income

✔️ Enter your ‘influencer era’ whilst still running your full-time coach business

✔️ Become visible on autopilot without Instagram

✔️ Learn how to drive more sales to your coaching offers AND add another 'fun' income stream to your coaching business so that you can diversify your income 

👉 Click here to check it out! 


3. A blogging coach should be your #1 supporter

A blog can be confusing and hard work if you have never done one before. There can be so many ups and downs and you may need support from someone who has been through it all already, such as myself *cough*.

I struggled for years before finally figuring out what worked best for me and my blog.

A blogging coach can support you during those hard times and motivate you to get back on your horse and keep going!

Not only that, they should give you tangible next steps and challenge the way you're currently thinking about things.


4. Keep you on the path to blog success

You know what they say, distractions are the devil and that's especially true for people who market with a blog.

There is always something else out there to distract you from blogging, from social media platforms, other strategies, new AI technology or just simply comparing yourself to other business owners with blogs.

Sometimes the ol' shiny object syndrome can come lurking out. 💎

A blogging coach can keep you on your original path and help identify if you need to veer off at any point to try new things or simply keep going and get more data before making decisions.

Don't get lost in all those options and lose track of what's important.



5. Keep you accountable

A blogging coach can help you stick to your goals and be successful.

You say that you’re going to do something, but then never follow through with it? Well, a good blogging coach will keep track of everything.

This is so that not only does the person know how they are doing in general terms, but also when things get tough or if there is ever any sign from their client's end about whether they might need some extra attention. Let’s face it, nobody likes feeling left out!

A blogging coach knows exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are which makes them better able to provide personalized feedback rather than just giving generic tips.



6. Help you scale your launches and sales 

As a business owner, you need your blog to bring in ACTUAL results otherwise what's the point right?!

A blog can help you scale your next launches and funnels so that you can bring in more clients and income.

But without a proper strategy, blogging roadmap and gameplan on how to scale your blog, it can be difficult and you can waste a lot of time doing the wrong thing.

Blogging for coaches and course creators is different from being a full-time blogger for example. The goals are different which means that the strategy needs to be slightly tweaked.

As I have both a full-time blogging business AND also I have a blog for my coaching business I get the best of both worlds and understand the difference between each strategy. 


7. Put your business in front of dream brands

As a coach, course creator or service provider, you may not have considered that when you start a coaching blog, you not only open yourself up to more leads and revenue but also allows you to collaborate with brands.

There are a couple of ways you can collaborate:

Paid sponsorships: A brand pays you once or repeatedly over a certain amount of time to be featured in your blog articles. 

Affiliate Partnerships: This is one of my favourite ways to work with brands that I use and recommend to my clients. You get to simply link to brands with a unique link and if someone purchases that product or software through your link, you get paid!

My previous client Lee used my pitch template which helped her successfully make contact with a wig big in her industry and also be featured in New Zealand's biggest online newspapers which got her name out there 2x faster than if she hadn't done that.

Pitching isn't only for bloggers but also for online service providers too. There's probably at least one or two brands or companies that you desire to collaborate with, and pitching helps bridge that gap.


8. A blog coach can save you from making BIG mistakes 

Evergreen blog marketing is a great way to get your voice heard in your industry and among competitors, but certain things can trip you up.

A blogging coach will help avoid major mistakes and pitfalls so you don’t have regrets later on down the road and take 10x times longer to achieve your desired results.


9. Give you personalized recommendations for your industry

Blog coaches can provide personalized advice for any online business wanting to start a blog. I give plenty of examples in my signature program, Blog Traffic Machine but more comprehensive in my VIP day that I offer.

Not everyone needs the same advice for their business. A blogging coach can help you find your unique approach by taking what works for you and tweaking it just enough so that it will work in a way that suits YOU!


10. Create and provide tools & templates that save HOURS

As a blogging coach, I make sure you get every tool and template needed for your business. I am not only a coach but also have created numerous done-for-you templates and swipe copy to help people just like you grow their businesses with blog marketing.

I offer my clients everything from simple templates to complete worksheets with specific tasks tailored toward what they need. 

The support and help you get are invaluable.

You can always count on your blogging coach to be there for you, which is what makes it such an amazing reason why you should have a blogging coach in the first place!


Those are all the reasons why having a blogging coach is amazing, but here are 2 important things a coach can NOT do for you:

  • Do it all for you
  • Make you do what you need to do

The blog coach is there for you, but if you don't take their advice and decide to take action on it, that's your responsibility. Action needs to come from within!


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