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Heya, I'm Anita.
Your ✨new✨ lead gen & evergreen content strategist!

I'm a world-renowned travel blogger who has written and been featured in publications such as Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Skyscanner and more! I've used my blog content to work with some of the biggest brands and tourism boards around the world.

I'm using those same evergreen content strategies to bring automated traffic, leads and sales into my own coaching business.

Since 2019 I've been helping coaches, course creators and service providers skyrocket their reach and visibility, drive thousands of new eyeballs to your website, automate lead generation and bring passive sales by creating optimized evergreen content.

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Marketing That Leads

Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? Want to know how to market your online business without burning out?

In the Marketing That Leads podcast, I share my expertise and insights on using evergreen and automated marketing strategies to boost your visibility 24/7 with ease.

I show you how to master marketing that leads to more free time, more traffic, more visibility, and ultimately more sales. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced marketer, this podcast will provide you with practical tips and actionable insights that you can apply to your business today. 



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