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How to Create Pinterest Pins FAST, 30+ Pins in 1 Hour

How to Create Pinterest Pins FAST, 30+ Pins in 1 Hour, laptop on a desk with Pinterest open on the laptop

Wondering how to create Pinterest pins fast is a common concern for many marketers looking to leverage the platform for driving traffic and leads. 👀

In this blog post, we'll explore efficient strategies to streamline your Pinterest content creation process and maximise your results.

Why Use Pinterest?

One of the key advantages of using Pinterest is the ability to include direct links in every piece of content you publish.

This includes landing pages on your website, your offers, Youtube videos, your courses and your new blog posts.

This unique feature sets Pinterest apart from other platforms and provides a valuable opportunity to drive traffic to your website or funnel. ✅

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Pinterest is not a social media platform. Social media platforms have expiring content, Pinterest offers the advantage of evergreen content that can continue to attract viewers over time.

This makes it a highly rewarding platform for marketers seeking long-term visibility and engagement.

Not only that but there are 498 million Pinterest users each month, which means that your target audience is almost 100% likely to be on Pinterest.

So, if you haven't already set up a Pinterest account for your business, you should!

When doing so, make sure you select a Pinterest business account, so you can access your Pinterest analytics.

 In my signature course, Passive Profit with Pinterest, I teach a streamlined approach to creating six pieces of valuable Pinterest content in under 10 minutes.

This not only saves time but also amplifies your funnel's potential reach and engagement.


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Here is everything you need to know on how to create Pinterest pins fast.

How Often Should I Post on Pinterest? 

You should be posting on Pinterest between two to five times a day. Making sure that you don't use the same website url more than once during a week. 

This may be challenging to do in the beginning but as you write more blog posts, you will be able to increase the number of pins that you post.

The most important thing is to start posting, even if its just one a day! Pinterest is a long game, so the sooner you can start, the better! ✅ 

How to Create Pinterest Pins Fast

This is everything you need to know on how to create Pinterest pins fast.

Use Pinterest Templates

To fastest way to create new Pinterest pins is to use templates in platforms like Canva.

By establishing reusable templates based on successful past content, you can quickly generate new pins with consistent branding and messaging.

Canva has some beautiful Pinterest pins that you can make your own with a variety of different pin designs. 

If you have original content such as photos, it would be a good idea to also use these on Pinterest. 📷

By doing so, you will save yourself even more time as you will not have to create as many pin templates.

Repurpose Your Pin Descriptions

 Another time-saving tip on how to create Pinterest pins fast (that every business owner should know), is to repurpose and reuse your pin descriptions. ⏰ 

By maintaining a repository of previously crafted descriptions, you can adapt and enhance them for fresh pins on Pinterest, ensuring a swift creation process.

With that in mind, you should be creating fresh pins, so just make sure one or two words on changed within the description.

You can use my Pinterest Keyword Vault to preform keyword research and find keywords across all different industries and niches. 🚀

Access my Pinterest Keyword Vault here.

Utilise AI

The next step in this guide of how to create Pinterest pins fast is by using AI.

 Utilising AI tools for generating pin descriptions and pin titles can further streamline your content creation workflow. 

By providing specific prompts to the AI, you can receive tailored descriptions that align with your content objectives and keywords.

You can use these prompts to optimise your Pinterest profile and the descriptions of Pinterest boards, idea pins and pin images. ✅ 

Batch Your Pinterest Pins

Batching your Pinterest content creation is a powerful strategy to enhance productivity.

By dedicating focused time blocks to tasks like designing pins, strategising, and analysing results, you can operate more efficiently and consistently. ⏰ 

Additionally, if you are wondering how to create multiple pins on Pinterest, you need to know about Tailwind. Tailwind is one of the most powerful tools in your Pinterest strategy will be Tailwind.

On Tailwind, you can schedule Pinterest pin images in multiple boards and you can schedule pins as many months in advance as you like. 

Tailwind does offer a free plan, however the free version only allows you to post 20 pins per month. In my opinion, the paid version, is well worth the extra cost.

 Just remember to keep your destination links far apart. As I mentioned, you shouldn't be posting the same destination link for at least seven days as this may effect the Pinterest algorithm.


That concludes this guide on how to create Pinterest pins fast.

Optimising your Pinterest content creation process involves a combination of strategic planning, efficient tools, and consistent execution. 

The final way to optimise your content is by calculating your current ROI score. 

By doing so, you can increase the lifespan of your content. Access my ROI calculator here.

By implementing these time-saving strategies such as using free templates and batch creating your content, you can elevate your Pinterest marketing efforts and achieve greater reach and engagement.

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