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How To Create A Quiz Lead Magnet With Interact

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Wondering how to make an online quiz but have no idea where to start? 💭

Creating a quiz lead magnet is one of the best things that you can do for your business.

Quizzes have proven to be powerful lead magnet, offering a fun and interactive experience for both creators and participants alike. ✅

In this blog post, I will discuss why creating an online quiz is so valuable and how to create a high-converting quiz in less than a day. 

Why You Should Use a Quiz Lead Magnet in Your Business

There are many different types of quiz lead magnets that you can create. Here are some of the top reasons why creative entrepreneurs should be using quizzes in their business. 

Generating Leads

Lead Magnet Quizzes are one of the best ways to find your ideal clients. 

A quiz lead magnet will stand out as a valuable tool for businesses with an impressive average completion rate of 68%, surpassing traditional lead magnets like PDFs. 🚀

People enjoy embarking on journeys of self-discovery and problem-solving through quizzes. Which makes quizzes the perfect lead magnet to find quality leads!

Grow Your Email List

Not only does a quiz lead magnet generate leads effectively, but it also holds the potential to significantly grow email lists, as seen in Jenna Kutcher's case with over 100,000 subscribers from using an interactive quiz. 

As the users completes the quiz, they input their email addresses which can automatically be directed to your email list. You can then use their contact information to sell your offers. 

The misconception that creating a quiz is complex or time-consuming is debunked as quizzes prove to be a quick win when approached with the right platform and mindset, such as Interact. ✅

Gather Useful Information

The next step to integrating quizzes into your business is using the quiz lead magnet to gather valuable insights from your target audience include the audience's interests, contact details, personality type, pain points and needs. 

If you are a course creator, you can use the quiz questions to find out what types of offers and courses your ideal customers would find valuable. Therefore, you will never have to waste your marketing efforts on courses that won't sell. 

Another great way to use quizzes is create social media content based on the results of the quiz to further engage your audience and new clients.  

Help Your Students

Another way that online quizzes can be used is by helping your students to better understand what they have learned during your courses. 

You can create a series of questions for your students to answer so that they find satisfaction in getting the answers right or find valuable information if they get the answers wrong.

This is a powerful tool as it will lead to extra value which means more happy customers and more five star testimonials! ⭐️

Why Use Interact 

Introducing platforms like Interact (a quiz creation tool), will streamline the quiz creation process.

So, if you're wondering how to create a quiz lead magnet with Interact, you'll be glad to know that the process is very simple.

Interact's AI quiz builder simplifies the setup by guiding users through essential questions to tailor the quiz to their audience. 

With Interact, you can..

✅ Access pre-built templates and customisation options, the Interact quiz builder creates an effortless personalised quiz.

⏰ Create a quiz within minutes. Users can use this online quiz software and have a fully developed quiz ready to engage their audience.

🚀 Personalise quizzes with brand elements like colours, gifs, and photos enhances user engagement.

Access Interact Here!

Interact is my favourite tool when creating quizzes and I have seen so many great results.

How to Make a Quiz With Interact

When designing a quiz, starting with the results and reverse-engineering the questions ensures a cohesive and engaging experience.

Beyond creating the quiz, strategising the post-quiz experience is crucial. ✅

Capturing leads' information and providing immediate value via email builds trust and sets the stage for further engagement.

Consider offering bonus content along with quiz results to further nurture the relationship with new leads. 

For instance, at the end of the quiz you can provide a travel guide related to the quiz results adds value and establishes credibility. 🚀

Tailoring the post-quiz experience based on the purpose of the lead magnet enhances the overall effectiveness of the marketing strategy.


In conclusion, a quiz lead magnet is a dynamic and engaging lead magnet that can transform the way businesses interact with their audience that even small business owners should be utilising. 

The simplicity and effectiveness of interactive quizzes makes them one of the best marketing tools.

Whether choosing to utilise AI features or crafting quizzes from scratch, the key lies in providing value and personalised experiences for leads.

Embrace the power of quizzes and watch your engagement and conversions soar! 🚀

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