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7 Shocking Things That Evergreen Marketing & Content Will Help You Achieve

Evergreen marketing and evergreen content

Last updated June 18th 2024


Evergreen marketing (more specifically evergreen blog content), is the only way to scale your business to 1 million.

There I said it. 🌶️ 

But that’s not all. 

Evergreen content can provide SO many other benefits to your business, most are not talked about at all.

Whether you've overlooked evergreen content in the past or you want to understand its true potential, you’re going to LOVE this EVERGREEN blog post I just cooked up (see what I did there)

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Let’s look at 7 things evergreen marketing & content will help you achieve, regain, and accelerate.

💰 Automated Sales

The first benefit of evergreen content is its ability to generate automated sales. Just imagine sitting on a picturesque Greek island, sipping on a refreshing Mojito, and receiving a delightful notification that another sale has been made. 

This is the power of evergreen content – it works tirelessly in the background, reaching your dream clients and showing up for you when you least expect it. 

Consider evergreen content as a valuable team member who brings in consistent sales without the need for a salary, which means more profit for your business and allows everything to work harder for you.


💃 Connecting with Warmer Leads

Another advantage of evergreen content is its ability to connect you with warmer leads. 

When people use search engines or platforms like Google and Pinterest, they are actively seeking solutions to their problems. 

By creating evergreen content that directly addresses these problems, you have the opportunity to reach people who are already aware of their problems and actively searching for solutions. 

Their solution is your program, 1-1 coaching offer, course or service. 👏 

This targeted approach allows you to connect with dream leads who are more likely to convert, resulting in higher conversion rates, shorter ramp-up periods, and a more engaged audience.


✌️Space and Grace

Evergreen content provides you with the precious gift of space and grace. 

One of my new favourite mottos.

♻️ By automating lead generation and sales, you can take a step back and enjoy more free time.

Imagine taking that much-deserved holiday or focusing on other aspects of your business while your evergreen content continues to bring in leads and generate sales. 

With a reliable system in place, you can experience the joy of more free time while your brand brings in new leads and sales. 

This balance between automation and personal freedom allows you to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour while your business continues to flourish.

This is our mission here at Anita Dykstra Co. We’re all about creating a business that truly gives you the freedom to go out and do what YOU enjoy the most.


🕴️Building Authority and Trust

A HUGE benefit of evergreen content is its ability to help you build authority and trust with your audience. 

By consistently producing valuable resources such as podcasts, blog posts, or YouTube videos, you position yourself as an expert in your field. 

Higher than any competitor who doesn't have any of those 3 pieces of evergreen content.

Your target audience can test and check you out before investing in your products or services, increasing their trust in YOUR brand. 

This authority-building aspect of evergreen content paves the way for better conversions and stronger connections with your audience. 

As you establish yourself as a trusted authority, your audience will be more inclined to engage with you, leading to increased brand loyalty and of course sales. Duh. 🤷


📈 Visibility 24/7 (AKA Become more visible than Taylor Swift at an Eras Tour)

Evergreen content makes you visible 24/7, even while you sleep. 

Unlike expiring social media posts, evergreen content continues to attract leads, make sales, and reach new people long after it's published. 

This consistent visibility ensures that your content keeps working for you, delivering results day after day. 

You can repurpose every email or caption you’ve created and turn it into evergreen pieces of content that bring consistent EYEBALLS to your offers.

👀 More eyeballs all the time = more sales  💰

You can then drive ideal clients, dream podcast listeners, and raving course students to your offers, back to your podcast, YouTube or Blog and then onto your email list.

This increases your visibility ♻️

Which increases your sales.

By bringing dreamy clients passively into your business, you get to actually sit back and enjoy the business and lifestyle you created.


👯 More free time for coffee catch-ups with friends 

📚 More time to cosy up and read a book

🌍 More free time to take your dream vacation 

You do this by creating optimized evergreen content. 

📲 Making Social Media a Choice, Not a Need

Do you want to make Instagram a choice and not a need?

🎯I attract more high-quality leads and perfect clients to my business every day through EVERGREEN CONTENT.

🤯 With my proven strategy one piece of evergreen content can replace 1 month's worth of Instagram content. 


You’ve never learned about Evergreen content the way I teach it.

I show you how to create evergreen content that

✔️ Increases and automates your visibility AND

🥵 Helps you make more sales and builds trust 2x as fast as 1 week's worth of Instagram content.

👇This was me in early 2023 taking 3 weeks off my business to celebrate my 30th birthday in Thailand with my family while bringing thousands of people to my website on autopilot and making passive sales. 

🌴Inside my signature group program Blog Traffic Machine, I help you create content that’s 50x more visible than your Instagram posts so that you can make more sales to your offers for months to come.

 You'll learn how to add at least $1000 of additional monthly recurring revenue to your coaching business by creating evergreen blog content that increases their brand influence, monthly recurring revenue, fun and flexibility

Your blog content is low-lift content that you can create on your worst days but bring recurring sales for years
so you can

✔️ Boost your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

✔️ Always be able to cover your expenses with your blog income

✔️ Enter your ‘influencer era’ whilst still running your full-time coach business

✔️ Become visible on autopilot without Instagram

✔️ Learn how to drive more sales to your coaching offers AND add another 'fun' income stream to your coaching business so that you can diversify your income 

→ Click here to out Blog Traffic Machine


While social media platforms are fantastic for relationship-building and connecting with people, they can't guarantee the scalability that evergreen content offers.  

By diversifying your marketing strategy with evergreen content, you create a robust bank of content that can bring in new leads, even if you were to lose access to social media channels overnight. 

We pray to the IG gods that that don’t happen 🤞

This allows you to focus on what truly matters – building a sustainable business that can thrive beyond social media platforms. 

With evergreen content, you have the power to control everything in your business from leads, to sales and impact. 

♻️ Your funnels will convert higher

If you have funnels or want to build one in 2024, then having evergreen blog posts that build trust and authority to cold, warm and hot leads is a MUST for it to convert higher.

Having blog content that you can easily point to during the TOFU (top of the funnel) and MOFU (middle of the funnel) will help you drive more sales faster in your funnels.


Evergreen content is a game-changer for businesses and brands seeking long-term success. 

By embracing its power, you can experience automated sales, connect with warmer leads, enjoy more freedom with space and grace, build authority and trust with your audience, maintain 24/7 visibility, and make social media a choice rather than a necessity. 

If you want to implement evergreen content into your coaching business so you can make more recurring revenue, then come join Blog Traffic Machine.


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