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How to Scale a Coaching Business Peacefully

If you're looking at how to scale a coaching business peacefully then we have 3 things that you need to implement to do just that.

This year you want to double your launches.

And you know to do that, you simply need to get in front of more perfect clients.

You could pour (more) profit into FB ads

You could audit your social media strategy and work out a new content plan

There are lots of things you could do.

Let's dive into 3 things you need to scale your coaching business peacefully. 


Create Evergreen blog content

👏 If you want to attract and convert dream clients 24/7 consistently, without having to show up to sell, then Evergreen Blog Content is the solution.

It brings free automated PERFECT leads to your sales funnels, launches and lead magnets effortlessly.

Pamela is a podcast coach and manager. 

She joined my signature course, Blog Traffic Machine because she knew that she needed someone to lay out the entire framework for her in an easy digestible way so that she and her VA could start repurposing her podcast episodes into optimized blog posts.

Now she's regularly creating and publishing content that attracts her dream leads and makes her offers visible every single day.

😥All of that INCREDIBLE content you churn out on your podcast, social media and Youtube

It has a lifespan. ⁣⁣

A blog post? There is none. It’s the only true EVERGREEN content ♻️

⁣⁣That’s because you can update a blog post anytime so that it stays relevant to your dream leads.

That means you can update your blog content with your latest lead magnets, offers and events anytime, without creating new content.

🎧 More of an audio listener? Click here to listen to this related podcast episode.


🤯An SEO-optimized blog can bring in thousands, even millions of people to your business and be a relevant resource for your ideal clients, customers & consumers - kind of like a Wikipedia page that you own. 

But also if you want to double your launches and have a giant pool of perfect leads to sell to, create evergreen blog content.  

You’ll have bigger launches and be able to make more of an impact with your offer because of it. 

You’ll plan out an intentional content ecosystem around 1 of your offers so that you will attract your dream leads from Google and make them say… 

“OMG I need to work with her”

These blog posts will allow you to immediately make sales. 

And then you’ll be able to repeat this process for all of your offers 

When you join the Blog Traffic Machine course, within the first 7 days of joining the course, you’ll know exactly how to create converting blog posts that hit page 1 of Google in front of your dream leads so that you can make more sales on autopilot.

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Blog content also allows you to make sales while you're out of the office. 

You want to have more time off this year, but you’re worried that you’re not going to make sales while you’re away.

Your software and team expenses are still going to be running as usual, but you think that if you’re not actively selling, you won't make sales.


Your business shouldn’t have to rely on you showing up to make sales. 

When you write and publish optimized blog content that attracts your dream leads, get new applications, and enquiries for your services and make sales…

You get to have more free time and can take more OOO than you ever have.

You’ll be attracting more of the right people to your offers, even when you’re OOO.

Imagine this…

🧘🏼‍♂️You're sitting in a hammock rocking side to side underneath 2 palm trees. 

🌊 You’re listening to the sound of the waves that are softly crashing in front of you.

😌 You take a deep breath and sigh with peace and gratitude. 

 You plant your feet down on the sand, grab your ice-cold Chang beer and take a sip.

And while that happened, your business that you spent so long creating and growing, still runs without you.


This was me in March 2023

I took 3 weeks off my business to celebrate my 30th birthday in Thailand with my family. 🎉 

I didn’t have a big team, only a VA at the time.

Even with just a VA, I could still have a peaceful holiday.

My business runs in the background for me. 

We still drove 49k+ people to my website in March, without me doing anything AND I made sales to my courses.

All because I created blog content that ranks on page 1 of Google.


Some content I published 5 years ago and STILL drives traffic and conversions today because blog content is relevant forever.

My offers, my lead magnets, my socials - everything was still visible even though I didn’t show up ONCE.

That’s exactly what I want more for you this year.

More peace, more automated leads, more visibility, more sales without you having to do sh*t.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


Build the Right Team

Having the right team to support your business is one of the most important things in my opinion.

I don't have a desire to have a big team and I say that because to scale you don't need a big team either (if you don't want to) 

For my business, we have a tech VA, a Marketing coordinator and an admin VA. 

For my business model, it works perfectly right now and that's because I have picked those hires based on what problems the business is facing at that moment. 

🔨 Because scaling a business is fixing current problems.

For example, before I hired my tech va, I was doing ALL the setting up of launch tech which included pages, timers, adjusting the website, setting up of events, nearly everything.

To have the time to work on my business instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of it, I needed to pull myself out of those tasks. 

So I hired a tech VA and that freed up between 10 hours of my time and allowed us to then set up a bunch of backend systems that I have wanted to set up for a while.

Don't hire just anyone. Work out what problem your business is currently facing and fix the current problem.

Also, I recommend having a thorough hiring application and knowing EXACTLY the type of person you want for the role.

Then you’ll call in the perfect person for your business. 

Build solid Systems

Having the right systems to support you is crucial.

You may be familiar with the question “If you added an extra 1000 people to your coaching program or course, would you be ready?”

Unfortunately, most businesses say no. But if you have the right systems in place then 

What do I mean by systems? 


Here are some non-negotiable ones we have in our business;

Those are just some of the systems we have in our business that allow the business to scale peacefully.

If you’re interested in learning more about systems then you’re going to love our new membership (coming April 2024). 

This is a monthly membership for overworked coaches, course creators and service providers who want to replace every single manual task in your business with an automated system so that you can save your team up to 10 hours per week, hit their next income goal and stop time-wasting tasks completely

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