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How Often Should You Blog for business? The Truth From an Expert

How often should you blog for business? The Truth From an Expert

If you’re about to start a blog for business leads, sales and traffic then one of the first questions that might come up is how often should I lock into my schedule to create and publish a new blog post.

My answer is not the typical one you might find in other articles on this topic and that’s because most of them are reliant on consistency, however, a blog is evergreen content. 

That means that inconsistency is okay, but let me explain further.

How often should you blog for business? 

Here’s the truth that might shock you 

You do not have to publish a new blog post every week.

You WILL indeed have to create content, but not every week. 

Not even every 2 weeks. 


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You don't need a ruthless schedule when it comes to your blog.

👏 You could create 20 blog posts over 6 months and then have a break for a few months, and then keep going.

That’s because your blog post is relevant all year round and your results don't rely on your consistency.  

When you’re just starting out though, you do want to try and be consistent so you can get a good amount of content out there.

For example, I created 16 new blog posts for this website and published them over 3 weeks.

What’s next? 

Well, im going to start repurposing podcast episodes to this blog but I’ll probably have a wee break until we can gather a consistent system in place as we have a new team member and I’ll be delegating that task to her.

🎧 More of an audio listener? Listen to this podcast episode going into how to update your blog posts!


If you want to blog for business then putting a lot of content is going to be needed so you can have a content stack leading to your lead magnets, offers and other marketing channels.

Every blog post you create is more eyeballs so keep creating content BUT you do not have to put pressure on yourself to create one every week.

Create a schedule (if you wish) that is in line with what you want to do and what’s possible time-wise.

Then create a system and workflow so that you can create more valuable content and drive more leads and sales into your business.

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How many blog posts do you need to start a blog for business?

I hear this question ALL the time…

If you’re creating a blog from scratch, how many blog posts do you need to start because you hit the LIVE button?

Only 1. 

You can create a batch of 4 blog posts and then choose to hit live on all 4.

Or you can just create and publish your first blog post within 7 days of joining my signature group program Blog Traffic Machine, and then keep creating content and hitting publish on them.

No one 🙅‍♀️ is paying that close attention to your website that they will think “omg they only have 1 blog post?!”

1 week from today you could have 1 optimized blog post live on your website that will build trust with new leads and customers AND automate your lead generation and sales 

You don’t need to get caught up in making a blog post perfect or having a certain amount of content beforehand.

👉 you just need to start creating and converting evergreen blog content, and then keep doing that.


Inside Blog Traffic Machine, you’ll learn how to create minimal viable blogs that people love to read and create sales as soon as possible

Your blog content will be dripping in so much confidence that your dream leads will pick up on that energy✨ and you’ll make conversions easier and faster than any Instagram story could.

✏️ Inside Blog Traffic Machine, you’ll rank on Google in front of your dream clients and 100x your visibility.

We not only teach you our 5-step content conversion formula so that your blog posts can make sales no matter when you publish them…

But we also teach you the BTM updating strategy where you’ll learn how to update your already-published content to keep it fresh and relevant to your ideal client.

You don't need hundreds of blog posts to make conversions, you just need to have very intentional content that is centred around your offers and your ideal clients.

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