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How to Reach Page 1 of Google in 5 days

How to Reach Page 1 of Google in 5 days

Imagine joining Blog Traffic Machine, learning the blog strategy and publishing a new blog post…


That’s exactly what happened to our student Therese when she joined Blog Traffic Machine.

Therese already had a website and she was putting content out there but she knew that she could be ranking more and faster by implementing SEO properly.

👉 She joined the course because she wanted to learn how to structure her blog posts and use SEO.

Inside Blog Traffic Machine, we give you an 11-step SEO checklist so you can make sure that every piece of content on your website is optimized.

This is not SEO you can JUST apply to blog posts. You can also apply this to EVERY page on your website because…

🤫SPOILER ALERT: Every page on your website, can rank on page 1 of Google 

AND that’s exactly what Therese did. 

She took the knowledge she learned in the course and applied it to her shop so she could make more sales.


🤯 The SEO strategies I teach you can apply to every page on your website.

Once you know the skill of SEO, you’re unstoppable and you’ll be showing up further in Google search than your competitors which means, more eyeballs on YOUR podcast, YOUR offers and YOUR email list.

And all of this works in the background for you. 

No need to sit at your laptop to bring people to your lead magnets and offers. 

♻️They will come organically and on autopilot.

Join Blog Traffic Machine and learn our simple 4-step framework & visibility strategy that helps you repurpose your existing content into optimized blog posts so that you can attract dream clients on autopilot (no Instagram needed 😉)

👉 Get your business on page 1 of Google and attract your dream clients on autopilot.

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Okay, so we know SEO is the secret behind her success and reaching her ideal clients on Google, but what more specifically helped her achieve that result?

✅ It was knowing EXACTLY what her ideal clients want to know more about.

Understanding your client's specific interests, needs, wants and problems they need solving ASAP is crucial for creating impactful content that resonates with them. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the importance of market and keyword research, as well as different methods you can use to uncover the exact topics your ideal client is searching for. 

Let's dive in!



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Why Knowing Your Ideal Client's Interests Matters

If you're creating content, whether it's blog posts, podcasts, emails, or social media content, knowing exactly what your client wants to know is essential.  

It's not enough to have a general idea of their interests; you need to dig deeper and identify the specific subtopics and questions they have. 

For example, if your ideal client is interested in SEO, what specific aspects of SEO are they looking to learn about? 

What are they confused about or doing wrong? 🤔

Understanding these details will enable you to create targeted and impactful content.

❌ Don’t take a stab in the dark. INSTEAD, know exactly what’s floating around in their brain right now.


🎧 More of an audio listener? Click below to listen to this related podcast episode!


Getting Started with Market Research

Market research is an excellent way to gather insights into what your ideal client's is thinking.

One effective method is to record questions that your clients ask you during launches, social media, events, and forms. 

By documenting these questions, you'll have a valuable resource for generating content ideas. 

Additionally, when someone joins your course or signs up for your services, consider using intake forms that ask about their struggles and reasons for joining. 

The responses can provide valuable information that guides your content creation process.

👉 In this blog post I go over 3 other ways you can do market research easily. 

Utilizing Google for Keyword Research

Google is a powerful tool for discovering what your ideal clients are searching for. 

👡 Put yourself in your client's shoes and think about the questions they might ask. 

Type in a descriptive sentence or question (e.g., "How to improve my mindset") and observe the related search terms and questions that appear. 

These suggestions can serve as inspiration for your content.  

Additionally, explore the "People also ask" section and the related keywords at the bottom of the search results for further ideas. 

☑️ This is one of my favourite ways to get content ideas.


Taking Keyword Research Further with KeySearch

While Google provides a great starting point, using a dedicated keyword research tool can provide more in-depth data to guide your content creation decisions. 

🔎 One tool I recommend to all of my students is KeySearch, an affordable SEO tool recommended by many experts. 

KeySearch offers insights into search volumes and competitiveness, helping you determine whether a topic is worth pursuing. 

👉 Click here to check it out (and use code KSDISC at checkout to get 20% off)

By finding keywords that receive a decent amount of monthly searches and have manageable competition, you can identify fantastic topics your ideal clients want to know more about.


Understanding Buyer Intent for Targeted Content

When selecting keywords or search terms, it's crucial to consider the buyer intent behind them. 

🤯 For example, if someone searches for "best Pinterest course," they are likely in a purchase-ready mindset.  

Creating content that addresses the best options or factors to consider when choosing a course can be highly effective for attracting potential buyers.  

It’s good to balance between educational content and content that appeals to individuals ready to invest in a solution.

For example, in this blog post, I’m not only educating but at the beginning, I was telling you about a result that our student Therese had in Blog Traffic Machine.

📚If you can weave those kinds of stories into your content, then you’ll convert higher and get more visibility to your offers.

Knowing the exact topics your ideal client wants to know more about is crucial for creating targeted and impactful content that ranks on page 1 of Google!

Through market and keyword research, you can uncover valuable insights into your client's interests, needs, and questions. 

Tools like Google and KeySearch provide valuable data for formulating your content strategy. Remember to consider the buyer intent behind keywords to ensure your content resonates with your ideal leads. 

By implementing an effective SEO strategy and consistently producing valuable content, you can become more visible to your ideal clients and ultimately drive more sales to your offers.


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