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The Ultimate Pinterest SEO Checklist (2024 Guide)

The Ultimate Pinterest SEO Checklist (2024 Guide), Pinterest icon on a red background

This Pinterest SEO checklist has the essential steps to ensuring that your Pinterest content shows up in front of your target audience. ✅

Pinterest, often overlooked in SEO strategies, offers a unique platform for businesses to showcase their content and reach a wider audience.

As a business owner, you should be utilising Pinterest to increase sales and drive traffic to your website! 🎊

To help you optimise your Pinterest content effectively, I'll be sharing six of my best SEO tips on this ultimate Pinterest SEO checklist.

Why is Pinterest SEO Important?

Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine.

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It is estimated that Pinterest has over four million monthly active users, so you audience is more than likely on this platform. 😉

By finding the correct keywords and implementing SEO strategies, you can make sure that you are targeting the right audience!

Pinterest users are seeking valuable information and answers and they do that by typing in certain keywords into the search bar.

Because of that, you need to make sure that when your target audience types in keywords that are relevant to your business, your content pops up! 

How the Pinterest Algorithm Works

As I said, Pinterest, much like Google, operates as a powerful search engine.

Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Users can discover content through their home feed or by using the Pinterest search bar at the top of the platform. 

Optimizing your Pinterest content is crucial to ensure it appears in front of users actively searching for content related to your industry.

Pinterest's algorithm prioritises quality content that is relevant to the search query. ✅ 

Factors such as domain quality, board names, pin quality and the user's account optimisation also influence the ranking of content on Pinterest's smart feed.

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Is Pinterest SEO Different from Google SEO?

Whilst bot both are search engines, Pinterest and Google cater to different search intentions. 

Understanding this difference is essential in creating effective SEO strategies for each platform.

Pinterest SEO Checklist

Okay, now you understand why Pinterest SEO is so valuable, here is my Pinterest SEO checklist.

Keyword Research

The first step to improving your Pinterest SEO is to gather relevant keywords.

Start by conducting thorough keyword research to identify the exact words and phrases your target audience is using.

Then, utilise these keywords strategically in your content, account, and use these keywords to come up with new ideas.

To help you perform keyword research for Pinterest, you can access our Pinterest Keyword Vault.  ✅

Once you have read this Pinterest SEO checklist and know how to use Pinterest keywords, you can use this vault to find relevant keywords and Pinterest keyword search volume!

Optimise Pinterest Profile Description

When you first set up a Pinterest account, you need to change your profile from a personal account to a Pinterest business account. By doing so, you will have access to Pinterest analytics.

Then, you need to optimise your Pinterest profile description.

Incorporate relevant keywords into your description to improve searchability. You can do this by describing your business and target audience clearly. ✅

Create a Searchable Profile Name

The next step on this Pinterest SEO checklist is making a searchable display name.

Make your profile name searchable by including relevant keywords alongside your business name.

Keyword-Rich Board Titles

One of the easiest ways to improve your Pinterest SEO is to include keywords within the titles of your boards. ✅

Creating boards with searchable titles that contain relevant keywords related to your niche should be a priority in your Pinterest SEO strategy. 

Optimise Pinterest Board Descriptions

Board descriptions are almost as important as pin descriptions and should be on your Pinterest SEO checklist.

Pinterest boards and their descriptions are another way for you to optimise your Pinterest profile.

Provide detailed descriptions for each board and including relevant keywords naturally within the text.

You can look at other people's Pinterest accounts for Pinterest board description examples.

❗️Just make sure not to copy them completely and instead, find your own relevant keywords.

Include Keywords in Pin Content

If you are wondering “how to make a pin go viral,” then you need to know this!! 👀

When creating Pinterest pins, you not only need to use high-quality images but you need to use keywords in the content too.

You can find Pinterest keywords by clicking on the search bar, typing in the topic of your blog posts or product, and looking at the search results (or, use my Pinterest keyword vault). They are usually long-tail keywords.

Add keywords to your pin titles, pin descriptions or headings to improve the visibility of your content on Pinterest.

Why is my Pinterest Traffic Dropping?

If you are experiencing a Pinterest traffic drop, you should make sure that all of the above SEO strategies are in place and that the keywords you are using are still relevant.

You also need to make sure that you are posting a variety of content on Pinterest and not the same links over and over again.

Pinterest prioritises accounts that post fresh, new pins. 👀

Additionally, Pinterest is a search engine that experiences waves of activity.

There are certain months throughout the year when this activity declines, usually during December to February and then sometimes during the summer.

Keep pinning. The users will come back! 🤗

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That officially concludes this Pinterest SEO checklist!

Optimising your Pinterest content with effective SEO strategies is key to reaching a broader audience and driving engagement.

By adding everything on this Pinterest SEO checklist to your Pinterest marketing strategy, you can enhance your visibility on the platform and attract more users to your content.

Which means more traffic and most importantly, more sales! 🚀

Were you missing any of these Pinterest SEO tips? Let me know in the comments!


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